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Lexi Perkins

Graffiti Queen Unisex Hoodie

Graffiti Queen Unisex Hoodie

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Are you a messy eater? A sloppy bumbling idiot that likes to chew food and talk at the same time? This hoodie was made for you. It's so freakin soft, so comfortable, and totally stain resistant. Well, the stains will definitely stick, but it won't matter because it'll just blend in with the pattern so no one will know how careless and gross you are. No napkin? No problem. Just use your colorful sleeve. Enjoy all your sauces in peace without having to worry about mean grown-ups judging you for not being able to keep your food in your mouth at all times.. we can't all be perfect, mom!!!

Pro tip: mustard and (red) hot sauces are my personal favorite additions. I think they both really compliment the existing colors.

Lexi is 5'5" and wearing a Large 

• 70% polyester, 27% cotton, 3% elastane

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