Shipping Policy

In a world of overconsumption and fast-fashion, we encourage all of our customers to be thoughtful consumers and to make purchases that they can feel good about.
At Lexi Perkins Art we want to facilitate more conscientious consumer choice. That's why, after careful consideration of the existing clothing manufacturing supply chain, we've decided to upend that model. At Lexi Perkins Art, all pieces of clothing are made to order.
What does that mean exactly? Well, by producing all pieces to order, we avoid keeping a large, overstocked inventory of our products while simultaneously significantly reducing the distance each item travels before it reaches you! That way, each stage of our ordering, production and delivery minimize our environmental impact to the greatest possible extent.
So what does that mean for you, my dear customer? Well, it means that are not able to offer expedited shipping, and sometimes orders can take 2 or more weeks before they arrive at your doorstep. Most of the time, they get there sooner, but we want to be upfront about our production process to not lead you astray!
If you have questions about your order, we want to hear them, so please send us a message at
Know that, when you purchase from small, independent artists and creatives like Lexi Perkins Art, you're voting with your dollars, and slowly and steadily shifting the fashion and manufacturing industries in the direction of a more sustainable and ethical future!
Thank you! Seriously, a lot!